Making Stories From Your Life

Making Stories From Your Life



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We are a human family. Our experiences, fleshed out, understood, and reshaped for the hearts and minds of others, serves to create a template for that family to join around. Creating these stories are much like re-authoring your own experiences. 

We often dig little trenches out of parts of our lives, telling and retelling that which we find, humorous, or wounding. Our work will be to dislodge the experience from the trench, explore it through new eyes, and recreate a tale that speaks to a broader population. This work will be useful to therapists, social workers, teachers, clergy, and tellers of all stripes who want to mine their own lives for stories that will resonate with a broader audience. 

This full weekend runs from 3 PM Friday to 4 PM Sunday, and includes warm-ups, workshops, coaching, telling, and great food throughout!    Cost: $350          Limited to 8 participants