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Clarence Carnes - From Boarding School to Alcatraz

Tim Tingle Performs "From Boarding School to Alcatraz"

March 23, 7-8:15 pm, Hotel 1620

During research for his masters thesis at the University of Oklahoma, Tingle met Choctaw elder Cecil Berry, a survivor of 30 years in a federal penitentiary. Berry's true purpose was to share details of a crime spree that sent Clarence Carnes, his friend from boarding school, to Alcatraz Island—at the age of 19.  Among the darkness and the rocks, Carnes performs one unforgettable act of goodness.

$20 ($15 ft student)

Saturday Night Olio Performers

Saturday Night Storytelling Olio

March 24, 7:15-9 pm, Hotel 1620


Jackson Gillman hosts this fantastic lineup of tellers: Sheila Arnold Jones, Regi Carpenter, Andy Davis, Bruce Marcus, Jennifer Pahl Otto, and Sandor Schuman.  Join us for a lively night of diverse stories.

$15 ($5 ft student)

Motoko - STF Storytelling Conference 2018

Radiant: Stories from Fukushima performed by Motoko

March 25, 11 AM - Noon, Hotel 1620

In a this moving performance, Motoko draws on true events to portray three mothers during the five years after the nuclear meltdown of 2011 as they struggle to face the ‘new reality’ and to keep their families safe and sane. The story makes vivid the human, personal reality of mass disaster against the background of bureaucratic misinformation.

$15 ($5 ft student)

Joy Smith Hosts NEST Fest 2018

NEST Fest, Family Storytelling Event

March 25, 2-3:30 pm, Hotel 1620

Families with elementary and middle school age children will enjoy a lively afternoon of storytelling.  Professional storytellers will share personal stories, folktales, and tips.  Family groups with help from the tellers will then craft their own versions of favorite family tales and folktales.  Some groups may even choose to come up on stage and perform for the audience or videotape their family stories!  

$15 ($5 ft students - elementary through college)