Sharing the Fire

The Northeast Storytelling Conference

“Discovering Authenticity”

March 23 – 25, 2018 • Plymouth, MA

Save the date!  Sharing the Fire 2018 will be held in Plymouth, MA at the Hotel 1620 from March 23 – 25, 2018. Come early and stay late. Enjoy all that this historic waterfront town has to offer.  Learn more about the destination here.


About the Conference:

Sharing the Fire (STF) – the Northeast Storytelling Conference is the place to come to experience the best tellers in the Northeast. The general public is invited to storytelling concerts. For storytellers and those interested in learning how to tell stories, the weekend of workshops provides unmatched professional and personal development opportunities.

Conference Theme:

Discovering Authenticity

The theme “Discovering Authenticity” brings to mind many questions, including: How has storytelling, over time, supported, manipulated or obscured authentic history, and how can we now welcome, create, and present stories that portray truer pictures?  How do we tell significant stories that represent the complexity of situations and can be valued by audiences with diverse points of view?  How do we tell stories from cultures not our own and honor the integrity of the tales?  What is an authentic relationship between a teller and her/his audience, and how is it achieved?


Tim Tingle

Tim Tingle – award-winning storyteller and author will share insights into authenticity – insights gained as an Oklahoma Choctaw whose ancestors walked the Trail of Tears. Tim tells the tales in the tradition of his elders, with respect, truthfulness, and generosity.  In his book, Walking the Choctaw Road, he shares “stories woven from the supernatural, mythical, historical and oral accounts of Choctaw people living today.”

His new projects range widely from a 45-minute solo performance on the Irish Famine, in which no one had to die to a piece on the murder of Mississippi civil rights workers to “Viet Nam”, a stream of consciousness with music and dance.

We are so glad that Tim will be with us at Sharing the Fire 2018.

Sunday Performer:

Motoko Motoko  – on Sunday morning, Motoko will present her new, powerful multimedia performance, “Radiant: Stories from Fukushima,” in which she draws on true events to portray three mothers during the first five years since the nuclear meltdown as they struggle to face the ‘new reality’ and to keep their families safe and sane.  The story makes vivid the human, personal reality of mass disaster against the background of bureaucratic misinformation.


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