Keynote Presenter Announced for Sharing the Fire 2018

STF 2018 in Plymouth, MA

Keynote and Friday Performer – Tim Tingle, award-winning audience
storyteller and author, will share insights into authenticity –
insights gained as an Oklahoma Choctaw whose ancestors
walked the Trail of Tears. Tim tells the tales in the tradition of
his elders, with respect, truthfulness, and generosity. His first book of many, Walking the Choctaw Road, shares “stories
woven from the supernatural, mythical, historical and oral
accounts of Choctaw people living today.”

His new projects range widely and include: a 45-minute solo
performance on the Irish Famine; a piece on the murder of
Mississippi civil rights workers; and “Viet Nam”, a stream of
consciousness with music and dance.

Sunday Performer - Motoko will present her new, powerful
multimedia performance, “Radiant: Stories from
Fukushima,” in which she draws on true events to portray
three mothers during the five years after the nuclear meltdown
of 2011 as they struggle to face the ‘new reality’ and to keep
their families safe and sane. The story makes vivid the
human, personal reality of mass disaster against the
background of bureaucratic misinformation.

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