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Teddi never planned to become a storyteller. Someone else decided for her. Once upon a time, Teddi belonged to an arts organization that decided to mount an event for Halloween. They called it Spooks and Spirits. Along with music, refreshments, and an art exhibit, ghost stories were to be included.

The most senior member of the organization present picked those who would tell the stories. As was expected, she pointed to a fellow who was and is a long time, professional storyteller. Then she pointed to Teddi and said, “And Teddi will be the other storyteller.”

Teddi said, “Who me?”
(Long pause) “O.K.”

Although her tastes in stories are eclectic, living in an old, old seacoast town keeps her tuned into histories, mysteries, sea stories, and, of course, tales of ghosts. A voice teacher, she likes to blend music and story when she can. In that vein, she has conducted workshops on incorporating Music in Storytelling for Share the Fire, the annual storytelling conference put on by LANES. She is also a member of The Authors Guild.