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  • It’s Your Story – Tell It!

    © Rona Leventhal, 2018 STF Presenter Thanks to venues like The Moth, Mass Mouth and other “story Slam” series, even our regional and national conferences, personal storytelling has moved like a wave across the storytelling community over the past 10-15 years.  Some think it’s more like a tsunami that needs

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  • STF Presenter, Heather Forest

    Voice as Instrument: Rhythm, Pattern and Music in Storytelling

    © Heather Forest, STF Presenter Since early childhood, I have always enjoyed playing my favorite instrument, the voice. My kindergarten teacher tactfully wrote home that my impromptu and frequent outbursts of song were disruptive to the class but that I had a pleasing sound. I grew up to be a

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  • STF 2018 Presenter, Mark Binder

    Getting “Them” To Listen

    © Mark Binder, 2018 STF Presenter   There is a moment in storytelling when the audience leans in and every word and gesture is gold. And then there are the times when you’re telling stories to a cinderblock wall.   These days it’s more important than ever for our stories to make a difference,

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