It’s Your Story – Tell It!

© Rona Leventhal, 2018 STF Presenter

Thanks to venues like The Moth, Mass Mouth and other “story Slam” series, even our regional and national conferences, personal storytelling has moved like a wave across the storytelling community over the past 10-15 years.  Some think it’s more like a tsunami that needs to now be tempered by a return to traditional tales such as folktales and myths!

I think most would agree, though, that both traditional and personal stories have a place on the storytelling stage … and hold the same power of any well crafted and well told story.  Here’s the difference:

A folktale is universal in nature, thus it’s longevity over the centuries.  But in the telling of them, they become personal.  We internalize them and see them as relating to our lives because we all have experienced disappointment, joy, loss, betrayal, community, blessings, family ties –  the themes that are inherent in both these old tales AND in our lives!

Personal stories are … well … personal in nature. They are one person’s experience. But in telling them – sharing them – they become universal for the same reason as above: we all can relate to … empathize with … the characters in the story even though the circumstances in our lives are different than those told in the Teller’s story because we all have experienced disappointment, joy, loss …..

Both speak to universality of being human.

So, come be human with us during Sharing the Fire!  See if you uncover some long forgotten situation. Find out how you can take that anecdote that you keep playing in your mind and find the fuller story to tell.  Let’s see how we can make it a story that is universal … that people will be able to relate to.

It’s such a fascinating journey – I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Want to learn more about developing personal stories? Take Rona’s workshop , It’s Your Story – Tell It!, (Saturday, March 24  from 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm) – part of Sharing the Fire 2018.  Visit the STF Conference Details page to register for the conference.  Want to share your own experiences on this topic?  Leave a comment.

About Rona: Rona’s the real deal, giving workshop participants a hands-on learning experience!  She guides people to feel relaxed, to explore and take risks.  26 years, going strong!  She has two CD’s: “Into the Dark: Stories from the Shadows” and “Raps, Rhythms and Raps, Rhythms and Rhymes: Stories to Tap, Rap, Shake and Sing!”.

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